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Leadership Training


Stay In Your Lane is designed to improve organizational performance, cohesion and followership. The leader’s attitude, approach and ability have a tremendous impact on influencing the desired outcome. Charmas Lee, an elite coach of 30 years, has developed keen insight into what is necessary to foster a true champion and has adapted these insights into a comprehensive strategy that helps individuals, businesses and corporations reach their full potential.

Personal/Professional Development


Resisting Success is a transparent look at “inertia,” the term assigned to behaviors, thoughts and fixed action patterns that derail us from achieving our desired outcomes in life. This immersive, participatory workshop is designed to help participants recognize and rectify performance barriers, develop proper framework for decision making, create a blue print for performance and achievement, implement positive habits, practices and rituals and encrease self-esteem and pride.

Inspirational & Motivational Speaker


Does your company need a  subject matter expert or a key note speaker? Charmas commands the room with his personal brand of honesty, humor, and strategies for authentic change and personal growth. Charmas has twice been a TEDx speaker and is the author of five books. He brings a positive energy, attitude and joy to every presentation.


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