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  Charmas Lee is a next-level coach who brings a wide breadth of knowledge and leadership skills to his athletes and clients. He certainly understands the X’s and O’s of sport, but more importantly, he applies that knowledge in a way that motivates and inspires others. As a coach, author, public speaker, executive coach and more, he is able to transfer his knowledge to the business world to help individuals create success for themselves and their teams. Our entire family has enjoyed working with Charmas and we have benefited from his expertise in helping elevate our children’s performances on the playing field and for our own professional careers.


 CEO, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA

1984 Olympic Gold Medalist 100 hurdles



In 2015, I left

the Latino Chamber to take on

a new position in the healthcare

industry, with a focus on behavioral

& mental health.  Knowing the ever-

changingchallenges of health care and the

need to reenergize a company and

its partners, I immediately turned

to Charmas for guidance knowing

of his passion to build champions.

Charmas helped to provide me

with the necessary tools to create

a new vision for our company

and its partners; and to articulate

that vision that has since created

an environment for our partners

and their employees. We have

been successful in rebranding our

company, establishing a place in the

market place, and are now looked

at as the recognized leader for

integrated healthcare.

Sandy Gutierrez 

Executive Director



Charmas’ Professional

Development Program was

instrumental in our staff

understanding the importance of

creating a culture of excellence

and the personal commitment

for self-improvement required by

each staff member in and out of

the work place. The Run Your Race

workshop is a life transformational

presentation that can ignite

individuals and corporations to

higher levels of success.

Joe V. Aldaz Jr.,

Lt. Col, USAF (Ret)

Center for College Solutions

When was the last time a student

exhibited genuine enthusiasm

for their time in school? Or a

contagious excitement for wanting

“more” of what’s being served up

in the classroom? Charmas Lee

doesn’t just light a student’s pilot

light, he ignites it! He inspires

youth to become the best version

of themselves, to approach life

with the mindset of a champion.

Fortunate is the young man or

young woman who is coached

by Charmas and benefits from

his expertise and commitment to

helping individuals develop their

emotional intelligence along with

their intellectual and physical

capabilities. Charmas Lee is the

real deal. He makes the world a

better place, one student at a time.

Beth Walker

President, Center for College Solutions.

Pueblo Community College

It is always a privilege when Mr.

Charmas Lee graces the campus

of Pueblo Community College.

His ability to inspire, enlighten,

and challenge faculty, staff,

and students is a rare gift that I

personally do not take lightly.

DR. Patty Erjavec

President, Pueblo Community College

Pikes Peak Community College

“I was coming to the conversation as president of a large (20,000 students) urban community college (Pikes Peak Community College) hungry for answers to that could help our students make better choices, engage more fully in their academic pursuits, and ultimately succeed at achieving their dreams. I already knew that he exercised tremendous influence on high performing athletes; I wondered if he could do it with community college students and all the myriad complexities they bring to school and life… He could and he did. Coach Lee is a powerful communicator and a tremendous force for good in the lives of our students.  He is genuine and very open with students about his own life and through his willingness to show vulnerability he projects enormous strength and influence.  I know from much first-hand experience that Charmas Lee is a man who can make a real difference in the lives of others.  I know he is a man of integrity and a man driven to  good work and leave the world a better place.

Lance Bolton, Ph.D.

President, Pikes Peak Community College