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Contributing Author, Power of Champions, 2006Producer, Building the Foundation DVD, 2007Contributing Author, Techniques Track and Field Magazine, May 2010Author, Hiding In Plain Sight, 2013Author, A Different Kind of Champion, March 2016Author, Run Your Race, September 2016Author, Resisting Success, August 2017 Author, Stay in Your Lane, January 2018Author, Think Say Do, April 2019Author, Becoming a High-Performance Christian, March 2020

Resisting Success, The Battle Against Inertia

Resisting Success
The Battle Against Inertia

If you are interested in real results with real impact and real success this book is for you. Resisting success challenges readers to look at the internal battles facing them and to hit them face on in order to overcome the inertia keeping them from achieving breakthrough results. Charmas Lee has been a coach and leader for over 30 years and has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their highest level of greatness. With short and practical chapters this book provides tools and a solid look in the mirror to help you get unstuck and be the best version of you possible.

Richard Fagerlin
Founder and President, Peak Solutions
Author, Trustology, The Art and Science of High Trust Teams

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Stay in Your Lane by Charmas Lee

Stay In Your Lane

Charmas Lee has cracked the code and defining what leadership is and how to establish the kind of environment to achieve success. What I appreciate it most throughout each chapter of staying your lane was the actionable advice given for each discussion point. The content is concise and it's easy to understand. Whether you are an athlete, business owner, or an individual that wants to be a more effective Team Leader, Supervisor, etc. This book is a must read for Personal and Professional Development.

Sherry Pittinger, Owner/CEO
A Focused Approach Incorporated

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A Different Kind of Champion by Charmas Lee

A Different Kind of Champion

Charmas Lee is a different kind of champion, and you will be as well, after you read this book! Authentic is the word that sums up who Charmas Lee is. The reason why I believe every person should read this book is that Charmas has captured all the elements of human connection, human faith, and human determination between these pages. We are afforded the opportunity to celebrate the rise of great young leaders like Noah Bolton and Heide Baron. We experience the depths of human emotional capital when those closest to us are swept away by death long before their time is supposed to expire. The stories are relatable to each of us. Everyone is significant. Each of our lives are impacted by amazing individuals we come across or the impact we have on others that may be known or unbeknownst to us. In either case, we are inspiring. The truly amazing part about Charmas is he is whom you see! He has a strong commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is a fierce husband for his wife Janice and has intense passion for others. There is no doubt in my mind that after you read this book you will live life more purposeful for yourself and for others.

John Register, Gulf War Veteran, 2000 Paralympic Silver Medalist,
CEO and Inspirational Catalyst of Inspired Communications International LLC

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Think Say Do
Disrupting Systemic Cycles of Faulty Thinking

Do you feel that your potential has not quite been met, or that your focus is a little blurred? Are you feeling a little lost in the shuffle of life and in spite of all your efforts, you can’t quite get over the hump? Maybe you’re a coach, an educator, or a parent who is looking to grow an athlete, student, or child? Are you coachable? If so, Think Say Do is for you. Charmas has dedicated his life to motivating, inspiring, and helping people find the best version of themselves. In Think Say Do Charmas attempts to enlighten, inspire, and effect the change we all want to see in ourselves and in this country. If you are striving to rise to the level of your potential and not live at the level of your disappointment, Think Say Do is for you. Charmas identifies strategies and provides the inspiration and hope for anyone who is seeking better outcomes in their personal and professional life.

Nate Hansen School Administrator, Former Coach, Husband, & Father

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Think Say Do, A Believer's Guide to Becoming a High-Performance Christian

A Believer's Guide to Becoming a High-Performance Christian

“This is one of the most honest, direct, and generous books about the challenges of our faith. It speaks to the impact faith has upon the work we do and the role it plays in our lives. Charmas challenges us to approach life with furious discipline and to discontinue flawed thinking. We must believe in ourselves and become High-Performance Christians.”

Benjamin Anderson, Senior Pastor
Solid Rock Christian Center
Colorado Springs, CO

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Hiding in Plain Sight by Charmas Lee

Hiding in Plain Sight

Some people say there are just a few things in life that you can be certain of….You’ll live, you’ll die and of course you will pay taxes. If that’s the case I am a very fortunate man, in my life there is something much more certain. Every second of every minute, every minute of every hour, every hour of every day, while I am awake and sometimes even when I sleep, I can’t wait to create a positive change in someone’s life. Helping others recognize their value, that’s what motivates me. Love won’t let me wait. I have learned that the world is filled with beauty when the heart is full of love.
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Run Your Race by Charmas Lee

Run Your Race

Run Your Race is a compilation of select stories from Hiding in Plain Sight and A Different Kind of Champion. My hope is that as you revisit these stories you will garner new insights, find new inspiration, and recommit to running your own metaphorical 400-meter dash with passion, character, and conviction.
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