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Think Say Do


Think Say Do is a book about self-discovery, personal mastery, developing a strong mental model, recognizing performance barriers and making a commitment to excellence! The ultimate goal in writing this book is to assist in changing the trajectory of the challenges our country is faced with today and offer insight to those who are seeking better outcomes in life.  


Resisting Success


Resisting Success is a transparent look at “inertia,” the term assigned to behaviors, thoughts and fixed action patterns that derail us from achieving our desired outcome in life. One of inertia’s greatest weapons lies in our internal narrative, the voice that encourages us to surrender when victory is right around the corner. For others inertia raises its ugly head in the form of fear, apprehension or self-doubt.


Stay in Your Lane


There are hundreds of books written on the X’s and O’s of leadership. However, few on how you, the leader, can create the “context or environment” for achieving unparalleled levels of success. Stay in Your Lane is a fresh new perspective on how leaders influence others to reach their true potential. The attitude of the leader affects the atmosphere of the workplace. $15.00

Run Your Race


  Run Your Race is a compilation of select stories from Hiding in Plain Sight and A Different Kind of Champion. My hope is that as you revisit these stories you will garner new insights, find new inspiration and recommit to running your own metaphorical 400-meter dash with passion, character and conviction.


A Different Kind of Champion


A Different Kind of Champion will help you gain clarity and focus allowing you to operate at a higher level of awareness and consciousness. As you read these stories and engage in the truth behind each of them, you will find great joy in becoming more of who God has designed you to be.   


Hiding in Plain Sight


Hiding in Plain Sight helps us recognize that inspiration is everywhere, that life is a treasure hunt. Hiding in Plain Sight communicates a powerful message of awareness and inspiration which helps to remind us that life’s true beauty lies in the mind of the beholder.   


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